Biotech Trading Partners

SMART-SPOT, Mouse Serum Multiplexing

The Biotech Trading Partners SMART-SPOT (Sentinel Panel Test) is a simple to use, multiple analyte assay .  The SPOT test uses mouse serum and will give simultaneous results in 70-minutes without the need for any specialized equipment. The strips can be stored as a permanent record.

SMART-SPT9M, the basic panel, detects antibodies to 9 discreet mouse virus': EDIM; Mouse Hepatitis Virus; Mycoplasma pulmonis; Minute Virus of Mice; Pneumonia Virus of Mice; REO-3; Sendai; and TMEV (GDVII).

SMART-SPT6EM, the extended panel, detects antibodies to 6 discreet mouse virus': Clostridium piliforme; Ectromelia Virus; LCM; Hantaan Virus; Mouse Adenovirus Fl/K87; and Mouse Cytomegalovirus.